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Event title FIA CEZ Autocross Championship
Event location Dömsöd, Autocross Arena
Event date 13-14 October 2018


Organizer's name Levianus Motorsport
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11 October 2018


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The signer recognizes the rules of the Hungarian Autocross Standard Regulations and Supplementary Regulations and undertakes to strictly observe them. By signing the entry form the driver consent to be implemented during the race, alcohol and drug test.

Signer confirms that the statements made on this entry form are correct and that the entered car conforms with the current conditions of the Int. Sporting Code, Appendix J of the FIA.

Date of the registration: 20. 05. 2019.

Registration form must be signed at the event location on the spot. Pressing the Send button the registration form will be sent to the email address of the organizer and the competitor. Datas given above are not stored.

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